Choose this component to create a new page in your user interface.
Drag & drop this component in the graphical user interface or in the hierarchy tree.
it’s possible to go to a different page and create the navigation between page using for example a button. You assign then on the onClicked action the “go to page” in the Ui section of the action editor.


Name Description
Color background color of the page. directly edit the value or use the color picker
Inactivity detect You can activate/deactivate the inactivity detection for example to trigger an action when the user don’t use the panel after for 60 seconds
Inactivity delay time before the inactivity event is triggered
user data custom field you can use to read/save user data
lock position if checked prevent accidental move of the component


Event name Description
onInactivityDetected this event is triggered if inactivity detect is enable and if the user don’t touch the panel for the duration of the inactivity delay



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