The use of the user interface editor

We will learn how to use the user interface editor to create an interface that is perfectly adapted to our use.

  • Go to the UI Designer tab.
  • Click on the + button to add a User interface

Page 1 : GENERAL

  • Rename the Page
  • Drag&drop an image item from the left-tab
  • Drag&drop the source picture you want to use from the Media bin. We use this picture as a background for the UI
  • Drag&drop a *Text * to add a Page Title on top
  • Drag&drop a Timeline item and then define the SHOW Timeline
  • Drag&drop a Task item

By default, Task item displays all the tasks, you can filter it by setting keywords to your Tasks.
Then go back to the UI Designer and indicate this keyword on the Task item.


In this page we will just add the Tasks to launch few sequences at the Rehearsal.


We will now add a third control page for Projector Videos:

  • Drag&drop a Page, give it a name
  • Go back to the Device tab and declare 2 Barco UDX video projectors. This device allows us to control a projector of the Barco brand UDX reference. Device’s list proposes to take control of most of the Video Projector brands used in the Pro AV market.
  • Go back to the UI Designer tab
  • Drag&drop the two video projectors on page 2.

Add Buttons to jump from a page to another

  • Go to the *GENERAL *page and add three *Buttons *: GENERAL, REHEARSAL, VIDEO PROJECTORS
  • Select the General button, go to the Actions tab
  • Click on onClicked
  • Go to the UI tab then drag&drop Go to page
  • Select the Page GENERAL
  • Repeat these steps for the two other Buttons

You can improve by many ways this Interface and even create several if you are going to display UI on different devices.

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