3D can be useful as well to see how our projection will look like.
To experiment that, we will create a Render Surface with a pattern, and apply this Render Surface as a material on the 3D Castle.

First, we select Windows > Standard 2D to find a regular 2D environment.
Then we create a Render Surface, we drag&drop a pattern:

Once it’s done, we go back to the 3D environment and we select the material of the 3D Castle.
In its DIFFUSE line we drag & drop the Render Surface we created before.
Because we want it to diffuse at 100% we check the Emissive case.

To really appreciate the simulation, we don’t forget to turn off the Soft-Edge pattern we put before:

Now everything you will play on the Render Surface will get displayed on the 3D Castle for simulation.

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