Test pattern: display a test pattern on the output (softedge, small softedge, Horizontal or vertical bar, checkboard, and a list of common color).
curve type: keystone (limited to 2×2 control points) or NURBS curve.
number of columns: number of control points in the column.
number of rows: number of control points in the row.
display points: display or hide the control points in the output.

The reset warping will reset all control points to default position.

If you increase the number of control points in the curve mode, your warping will stay perfectly unchanged. If you decrease the number of control points, you will loose your warping.

It’s possible to lock the position of control points in the area of the output.
You can lock the movement on an axis X or Y.
You have several button to help you alignate control points
It’s possible to reset to default position a selection of control points.

a popup window will appears after clicking on edit selection. You need first to select at least 3 control points.
It’s possible then to rotate, scale or move a selection of points. You can also use the flip or rotate option.

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