This device is an integrated ephemeris.
You can launch tasks depending on the ephemeris, days or dates.


Name: User-friendly name
*Latitude: *Fill in the latitude of the Modulo Player’s location
Longitude: Fill in the longitude of the Modulo Player’s location

Here you can consult the date, hour and day on the server. You can check the Ephemeris on a date you choose.

Task action:


Task trigger:

Trigger a task according to a specific calendar state.
Select all the days you wish to trigger your task (Enable all 7 days if you do not wish to filter out by days).
Then specify the trigger event: Sunrise , civil sunrise, …., sunset …
You can enter an offset (positive or negative) that is added to the triggering hours.
As an option, you can enable a start and final date to filter a valid range of date.

Digimap trigger:


User interface:

You can use this device in the user interface.

Device information:


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