You can add monitoring displays to V-Node servers and visualize in a Mosaic input and output sources of your Show.
• Click on Monitoring: From the Editor Indicate where your Monitoring will be displayed. You can activate NDI enable, to send Monitoring to another computer.
• Add one or More Presets.
• Indicate where the presets will output and the screen resolution.
• Create presets to monitor your show. You can display one preset at a time (only one preset can be activated per VNode).
• Create raws and columns.
• Drag & drop your Outputs, R-Surfaces, Deltacast media, or NDI media to the mosaic created on your Presets.

The Monitoring Output is an independent supplementary screen, and doesn’t affect the Output version of your Server.
NB: Monitoring Output is part of your Eyefinity configuration in V-Node > Remote Settings.
You can activate NDI to Output Monitoring via network in another Computer

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