In the top right corner of each view, there is a gear to configure the rendering of that view .


You can configure the following items:

Background background color of the view, overrides “show sky” and “show envmap” (transparent by default)
Show grid displays the grid representing the ground at zero level with 1×1m squares
Show gizmo displays scene axes, red: +X, green: +Y, blue: +Z
Show sky displays a sky effect with a gradient representing the horizon (at zero level) in the background view or the environment map if the option is enabled
Show envmap shows the environment map of the scene if “show sky” is enabled
Render defines the type of rendering: “Fill” (by default) renders the scene normally, “Wireframe” renders the scene only with the edges of the meshes – You can click on “W” to toggle to these views
Mode changes the view type according to the use case, see below


There are 4 modes available, which modify the behavior of the projectors in the scene:

Standard project the image in a normal way (default)
Luminosity displays the impact strength,in lux, of the projectors in false colors
Pixel grid project a grid representing the size/shape of pixels for each projector
Pixel density displays the pixel density, in px/m², of projectors impacts in false colors
Horizontal pixel size displays the horizontal pixel size, in mm, of projectors impacts in false colors
Vertical pixel size displays the vertical pixel size, in mm, of projectors impacts in false colors
Preview Mode
Standard mode
Luminosity mode
Pixel grid mode
Pixel density mode
Horizontal pixel size mode
Vertical pixel size mode

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