Use this panel to create,edit and delete devices.

add some devices
delete a selection of devices
enable/disable a device
Double click on the device text quickly change the name of the device

When you click on the “+” button, a window will popup to choose the device to add. Devices are classified by category to quickly find the device.
It’s possible to create a batch of device: just indicate the amount of device you want to create.


Click on a device to do a setup. Go to the editor panel.
For each device you can enable/disable it.
The property “run at startup” indicate if you want that the device is enable when you start a show.
Most of the time you have some setup properties to edit (for example IP address of the device).
For some devices (for example Video Projectors), you have an embedded device controller in the editor.


You can drag a device and drop in (depending on the device type.. check specific device help page) :
- the subtask of a task (it’s possible to drag&drop several devices at once)
- in a command layer in a timeline
- as a trigger in a task
- as a trigger in a digimap
- in the graph
- in the user interface

Timecode device type:

Some device are timecode device type and can be assign to control the timecode of a timeline. Choose any device in the timecode category in the add device panel.
For example : Adrienne timecode, Art-Net timecode, Chronometer, Clock.
It’s also possible to drag the Midi device (MTC incoming timecode).
Drag&drop the device in the timecode field of the timeline like this:

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