In this tutorial we will see how to work on an entire project inside Kinetic Designer.
We will just download few Media to work with, but we will see how we prepare a full project from scratch.

The main purpose of this exercice is to :

  • Implement video projectors positions
  • Export informations about it for external purpose
  • Add V-Nodes, Render Surfaces, media
  • Program all the exhibition
  • Make the show autonomous
  • Add content for special private events
  • Build a Ui Panel show control interface

This exercice requires a bit of Kinetic Designer practicing and knowledge, as we will build an entire project from scratch.

Here are the chapters of this exercice :

Chapter 0 : download media and prepare the Project Folder by yourself with a proper file tree

Chapter 1 : import a 3D model and make the video projection study

Chapter 2 : prepare the V-Nodes, Render Surfaces and Timelines

Chapter 3 : use media in timelines and adjust the Preview views

Chapter 4 : automate the show by using Tasks

Chapter 5 : prepare content for private events

Chapter 6 : use the 3D to have a simulation of the Immersive Room

Chapter 7 : declare a spare (SOS) V-Node

Chapter 8 : design a show control User Interface

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