• In the 3D Scene tab click on + then Import and open the folders to find the Cylinder-m.fbx

  • This 3D model contains all the surfaces of the cylinder structure including a ceiling, in order to look inside we disable the Ceiling mesh

The 3D model contains as well a reference cube about 1×1m, this helps to check if the mesh is imported at the good scale.
Indeed, it could be imported in a different unit instead of meters and so it could be smaller/bigger than normal.

  • In the 3D Viewer use the Dimension tool (shortcut D) in order to take a measurement of the cube

Create the cylinder inside the 3D engine of Kinetic Designer

If you want to try to create the cylinder in Kinetic Designer.

  • Create a new 3D Scene and rename it
  • In the 3D Scenes click on + then Prefab > Cylinder > Tube
  • Rotate it to orient it in the way we want
  • Edit its properties to change its dimensions

Here are the dimensions of the model :

Element Dimension
Inner radius 6 meters
Inner height 7 meters
External radius 7 meters
External height 8 meters

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