This FX allows you to do key compositing based on the chromatic range of a layer.

Primary Color:

You can select the color you want to remove by clicking on the green rectangle

Or you can directly pick the color from the live input.

Secondary/Third color:

if your green background is not homogeneous, you can use a second and third color.

Just select secondary or third color and choose it as explained above

Color Mode:

Select YUV or HSV (Hue Saturation Value) color mode.

Green plate:

Gamma Enable with RGB value: Default neutral value =1
Will adjust the gamma on the whole image which is used as a green plate to create the mask.


Draw Mask allows you to display the mask generated
Threshold green color value threshold. If 0 the green key value is exactly the same than the chosen green value
Opacity Range Transition between black and white pixel in the mask. If zero the mask is binary … if you increase it you have a semi-transparent transition zone
Enable Gamma Enables the gamma
Gamma value makes a gamma on the distance between the pixel color and the reference color (Gamma=1 neutral)
Luma Weight Takes into account luminance variations to remove the color from the key. if 100% we take into account the luminance variations


Despill function allows you to remove green reflection due to studio lighting.

without despill
with despill

Enable Enables despill function
Showdespill Shows despill mask
Threshold sets despill threshold

Edge despill:

You can do despill only on the edges

Enable Enables despill function
Hue Threshold Sets hue threshold. 0°: Only pixels whose colour matches the primary color are processed
Edge Width area in pixels relative to the edge

Smooth Edges:

Enable Enables Smoth edges function
Smooth depth area in pixels relative to the edge

Show Edges:

displays the edges in red

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