This section contains devices for compatible 2D LiDARs.

A LiDAR, acronym for Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging, is a method or device that can scan 2D or 3D spaces in real-time using a targeted infrared laser beam.

2D LiDAR devices

Bounding Box and Masks

Once connected, 2D LiDARs will output an image containing everything they detect in their range.

There are two ways to restrain the detection to a zone of your choice, and they are accessed in the Editor panel with the Device selected.

Bounding Box

If your detection zone is a rectangle in the view of your LiDAR’s detection, it is easiest to create a basic bounding box and control its parameters with the Origin and Size properties.

Toggling the Bounding Box for a 2D LiDAR.Toggling the Bounding Box for a 2D LiDAR.

Vector Mask

If your detection zone is anything more complex than a rectangle, or if you need to cut out specific objects from your detection zone, you can create a vector mask by directly clicking inside the preview in the Editor panel.

Creating a Vector Mask for a 2D LiDAR.Creating a Vector Mask for a 2D LiDAR.

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