This node acts as a switch and can be configured for many different types of data input.

It will output only one of its input to its output node, hence the name Selector.

There are two different ways to select which input is sent to the output : either by Trigger, using booleans, or by Index using a variable.

The latter is particularly useful if you want to automate the selection by using Tasks. All you need to do is hook up a variable to the Index input and change that variable with your tasks.

By default, this node is created with only two inputs for the selected data type. However, you can add as many as you like using the in the bottom left of the editor.

A pop-up will appear when you drag & drop this node into your graph asking you what type of data you would like to have as input.


  • Trigger Input : Toggle to use a trigger to select which input to output instead of an index. In trigger mode, every trigger received on the input will toggle to the next index in the list of inputs.
  • Index selected : If Trigger Input is not toggled, a field will appear where you can manually input the index you would like to select and output.


This will highly depend on which type of data you have selected for your node and how many inputs you have created.

Name Type Description
AtIndex Integer Choose the index of the input that will be output
Type# Variable Data type number #

Note that indexes start at 0 and increment by 1.


Name Type Description
Type Variable Data selected to be output


In this example we are using the Trigger mode to select between various colors which one will be output.

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