We will now use a MIDI controller to interact with the content using digimap.
The MIDI controller is connected to the server. For example, you can use NanoKontrol2 from Korg.
We go to the MIDI controller setup and activate the input and choose NANOKONTROL2.
you move a slider and see the received message written down in “Last Received:” You can see if it is a NOTE ON, Control Change or Program Change command, the channel used and the parameter.
We add a media in the playlist.
we create a first digimap, we trigger the MIDI device, we set to receive the slider value. We create a patch that acts on the X position of the cue/layer containing the media.
The incoming MIDI value is between 0 and 127, and we want to move the media between 0 and 1920 pixels. The coefficient and offset can be directly modified to remap the input value to act in pixels on a value between 0 and 1920.
For simplicity, the integrated calculator can also be used:
we choose In A: 0 for the lower position of the MIDI slider, in OUT A we choose 0 for the value 0 corresponds to 0 pixels.
In In B: 127 is selected for the upper position of the MIDI slider, in OUT B the value 19200 corresponding to the maximum offset value in pixels is entered.
Click on evaluate to calculate the coefficient and offset.

We can now move the slider and we will see the image move from 0 to 1920 pixels depending on the position of the slider.

The second slider is used to act on the opacity of the media.

We add an FX and interact on the parameter with the third slider.

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