We will learn how to integrate an ISF effect into Modulo Player. Modulo Player integrates an effect database applicable to any media (image, video or live) but it is possible to create an ISF effect yourself if you have GLSL opengl shader databases or more simply to use ISF effects available online (for example this “bank”: https://www.interactiveshaderformat.com).
You can use this “application”: https://docs.vidvox.net/freebies_isf_editor.html to create or preview EWBs.

For example, we will download this “effect”: https://www.interactiveshaderformat.com/sketches/2641 on the Interactiveshaderformat.com website

We will then go to the transfer tab and copy the file (.fs extension) into the ISF folder.

We add a cue with a media.

We go to FX, select ISF and we can choose the effect we added in the ISF folder.

It is then possible to adjust the values.

To go further:

If you have a MIDI controller or DMX Art-Net device or OSC controller, you can create a digimap and interact on one or more parameters of this effect.

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