Monument of 28m x 18m at its highest point.

Projectors informations :

  • Resolution : 1920×1080
  • Lumens : 20.000
  • Number of projectors ROTATED at 90 deg : 2
  • Distance : 30 meters
  • Height : 9 meters
  • Projection tower size : 3m x 3m

First, adjust the layout view by clicking on Window > Standard 3D.

In the 3D tab you can see there is in the 3D Scenes a Castle 3D model, two projectors, and two boxes representing the two projection towers.
You can check the size of the 3D Model, the projection distance/height, and the projection size by selecting it then looking at the Editor tab.
We check the lumens of each projector and adjust it to 30.000 lumens

You can verify as well the projection area of each projector by switching view to Projector then select Projector 1 or Projector 2.
We can see the bottom of our image can go up, so we shift up a bit the projectors.

To quickly access to these views we create two layout Presets:

  • 1 with the a front Point Of View
  • 1 which is a split view with the 2 projectors

Because we want to lock the front POV, we will create a camera by pressing on the keyboard the letter *C *:

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