This guided exercise will teach you about Modulo Kinetic software and its warping possibilities:

  1. You will create a new project, copy media, add an output and try to project a media set on 3 sides of a cube with a classic warping grid.
  2. You will create X-Maps manually
  3. You will learn how to import a photoshop file to automatically create X-Maps.
  4. You will create a corporate event timeline
  5. You will use the Live Mixer

Media kit link:

You can download the media kit here

Materials required:

  • 1 pico projector
  • 3 shapes (modulo pi letter, logo, and semi circle)
  • The media kit here

Dispose the three shapes in the mapping Box and be sure none of them hide another one, dispose the projector as well.
The projector has to project on all the 3 shapes.

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