You can create a LED mapping output (count for one output).
You can then add some fixture.
It’s possible to blind a fixture.


You can adjust the global intensity of the output.



Name: name of the fixture
Type: choose the protocol Art-Net or SACN
Multicast: choose if you want to use the multicast mode (SACN only)
Broadcast: choose if you want to use the broadcast adress
Ip: Ip address for unicast or multicast Ip address if you chosse multicast mode in SACN
Subnet : subnet address
Universe: universe address
Channel: start channel of the fixture
Universe overflow: some controller can automatically continue on next universe when you reach the end of the universe


Pattern: display a test pattern instead of the content
Type: the type of color : RGB,
LED Width: Number of pixels in the Horizontal line of the fixture
LED Height: Number of pixels in the Vertical column of the fixture
Primary Order: Select the direction in which the LED will animate
Secondary Order: Select the pixel order on the array (which is the first and the last pixel)
Option: Select Straight if you want all lines/columns to follow the same Primary order
Select Zigzag if you want upcoming line/columns to start in opposite direction of the previous line/column


Width: width of the area to capture
Height: height of the area to capture
X: top-left x axis of the area to capture
Y: top-left y axis of the area to capture
Rotation: rotate angle of the area to capture


Luminosity: brightness of the fixture
Color: color level of the fixture


You can extra channel in the fixture

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