By clicking on Home, the Kinetic Designer home screen pops-up.
NB: It is the same window that appears when launching the application.

On the left you can find 4 icons that give access to several functions.


On the home page, you can create a new project, or recall a previous one.
You can use the “slave sync” when the computer will act as a slave Kinetic Designer. You will then enter the IP address of the master Kinetic Designer: The show and content will be then automatically synchronized on your slave Kinetic Designer. If you do not select anything, after 10 seconds the last opened project will automatically loaded.

Recent Projects

Choose between recent projects to load. When launching Kinetic for the first time, this option is empty.


From here you can access the projects you listed as favorites. To save projects to the Favorites list, go to Project> Project Settings and enable the Keep in favorites
option. From there you can also write a description of your project, add some tags and a thumbnail from a capture area such as Preview, Timeline, Graph, UI Designer or 3D viewer.


From there you can recall a sample demo project.
At the bottom of the home page connect to facebook, twitter and Modulo-Pi.com official web pages.

On the right side you can find 4 buttons that allows you to :


Create a new Project File from scratch


Open a Project File

Last Project

Load automatically after 10 seconds the lastest opened Project File

Slave Sync

Get a Project File from another Kinetic Designer, this is usefull if the Kinetic Designer you are working on is a slave/spare one. This way Slave sync allows you to easily keep up-to-date your slave Kinetic Designer.

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