On the left side of this panel you will find all your 3D scenes

You can add and remove scenes with the toolbar at the bottom of the panel.
Right-clicking on a scene opens a menu allowing you to duplicate a scene and also to export it in the format of your choice (see below).

right click on a scene

On the right side of this panel, you will find everything that makes up the current scene

3D Scene list of parent/child nodes that organize your scene
3D Materials list of colors/textures/shaders that allow to render the scene
3D Cameras list of existing cameras
3D Projectors list of existing projectors
3D Meshes / Instances list of geometry in the scene
3D Lights list of existing light sources
3D Animations list of existing animations
3D Skeletons list of existing skeletons


You can export your 3d scenes in one of the following formats:

By default, the exports are made in Collada (.dae).

You will have the following export options:

default export options
Meshes exports all geometry
Materials exports all materials
Lights exports all lights
Projectors beam exports only projector beams
Projectors as mesh exports only the projectors as boxes
Cameras as mesh exports only the cameras as boxes
Projectors as real camera export the projectors as cameras compatible with other 3D software
Cameras as real camrea export the cameras as cameras compatible with other 3D software

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