In this panel you have access to the complete list of 3D animation of the scene.
Thanks to the toolbar you can add an animation, search by name and delete the selected animations.

Click on or double click add an animation
Click on icon delete an animation

You can create a 3D animation at any time with the dedicated panel but also import the one present in your 3D files such as Maya, Cinema4D, Blender,…

Create an animation

Once creating an animation by cliking on , you need to select the 3D Node and drag and drop the parameter you want to animate in the left part of the Animation editor


When you import a 3D file, you have the possibility to load the animations present in it but also to be able to pre-calculate them (bake animation). This has the huge advantage of being faster and faster to load.

import window


Once created or imported you have access to the following settings:

enable/disable animation
Timecode current animation time
enable/disable animation
Name name of the current animation
Duration total time of the animation, beyond this time it is the mode which manages the execution of the animation
Speed slows down or speeds up the animation
Mode stop at end / loop / loop back, beyond the animation time, the animation remains on the last value, starts again or goes backwards
Channels all values modified by the animation, they can be deleted from the animation by clicking on the cross. You can deactivate the animation of one of the axes of a value by clicking on the colored dots (red: X, green: Y, blue Z, white: W / A)

Drag and drop in a timeline

You can drag and drop an animation directly in your timeline. This will create a layer to take control of the animation time.

Drag and drop in a subtask or in a command layer in a timeline

Enable enable the animation
Disable disable the animation
Play play the animation
Pause pause the animation
Set time set the animation at aspecific time

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