KineMotion is a real-time tracking solution fully developped by Modulo Pi. It can be used to perform dynamic projection mapping, interactive video effects, automatic follow spot, spatial audio, and more.
For more information, please check the KineMotion specification sheet .

In this tutorial, we will use KineMotion to achieve the following:

  • Track a hand in which a LED stands
  • Track a rectangular surface such as a board

Requirements for these exercises

  • 3 x OptiTrack cameras – at least – that can see the Beacon
  • 1 x Beacon emetter: The LEDs are connected to this device
  • 1 x Wand: To get the cameras information (Pitch, Yaw, Roll), its position XYZ, its lens information (Shift, optic ratio, field of view) and place it in a 3D space
  • 1 x Square: To calibrate the ground position in the 3D of Kinetic Designer
  • 1 x Active synchro RF box: To synchronise both cameras and Kinetic Designer
  • 1 x Kinetic Designer
  • 1 x Kinetic V-Node
  • 1 x RJ45 Switch PoE to power the cameras


I. Create a new show and configure the cameras
II. Calibrate the cameras in the 3D space
III. Calibrate a video projector in the 3D space
IV. Track a board with multiple LEDs

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