This tab has different parameters depending on your media type.

Still media:

Movie media:

Audio media:

3D Camera:

3D Projector:

  • Mask: None / Static / Dynamic if you need to blend different views, Static if no object is moving, Dynamic in other case
  • Gamma: gamma correction apply to the mask (2.2 by default)
  • Mode: type of blending, Softedge for views that only cover each other at the edges, Facing ratio and RSFR when you have when you have full covering.

In the Facing ratio mode these parameters are available:

  • Offset: greyscale equivalent
  • Power: contrast equivalent
  • Gain: width of the soft edge
offset parameter
power parameter
gain parameter

In the RSFR mode this additional parameter is available:

  • Center offset: moves the center of the boudingboxes of the objects (advanced parameter)

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