Let’s add some Jingle and Loop on the same Timeline (we prepare a fade about 2 seconds between two layers)

1 Cue BLACK None
2 Following GENERIQUE Once
3 Cue Jingle 1 Once
4 Following Loop 1 Loop
5 Cue Jingle 2 Once
6 Following Loop 2 Loop
7 Cue Jingle 3 Once
8 Following Loop 2 Loop
10 Following Nebula loop Loop (same media for the background and shapes)

In order to show/hide the content for the Shapes and the Background independently, we will have a timeline for each.

  • Go to the Timeline tab, copy/paste the Timeline to duplicate it
  • Rename the Timeline 1 : Background ; Timeline 2 : 3shapes
  • Remove from each Timeline the content not concerned (remove each 3shapes files from the Background timeline, and the Background files from the 3shapes Timeline)

Now, if you play one of these timeline the other one won’t play at the same time.
To fix that, select the timeline Background, go to Link tab and check the Time case.
Do the same for the 3shapes timeline.

This way, whatever you play the Background timeline or the 3shapes timeline, it will be playing simultaneously.
And you are still able to manage the* Opacity Master* of each, to hide or show any timeline.

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