Creation of NDI Live sources, counter and text

NDI can be used as inputs and ouputs with Modulo Kinetic application.

Add NDI feeds

We will assume that 4 NDI streams are currently available on your network.

  • Go to the Media tab.
  • Click on the + button, a window appears to select the media type.
  • Add a NDI Media then click on the item created.
  • Give it a name to easily identify it and choose in the streams list the NDI stream to capture.

Repeat this operation 4 times to add the 4 NDI sources available on the network.

Add a Counter

Still in the Media tab:

  • Click on + and add a media Timecode, name it Speaker countdown
  • Define it as a Out Countdown
  • We don’t need to see the frames so turn Display Mode to HH:MM:SS
  • Add a media Text and give it the following text : “TIME LEFT

We will use the Counter to display the left time on the speaker’s screen.

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