Modulo Kinetic for virtual events and XR

Our Modulo Kinetic media server now includes new features dedicated to virtual events including AR, XR and scenic extension.
In this webinar, have a quick overview and introduction to the new capabilities of Modulo Kinetic V4 for virtual events.

To easily navigate through the video, see the menu below:
0:00 – Introduction
2:47 – Introduction to Modulo Kinetic
9:21 – Introduction to Modulo Kinetic Designer
38:50 – An example of augmented reality: Animated graph
45:42 – An example of augmented reality: Virtual 3D object tracked real time
48:38 – An example of augmented reality: Animated 3D object
50:46 – An example of scenic extension
54:26 – Virtual studio real-time customization
58:07 – LED screen configuration
1:04:52 – Conclusion

Interested in XR, AR, and scenic extension in green screen and LED screen configurations?
Watch our virtual studio demo based on Modulo Kinetic: Virtual Studio Demo

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