Multi-projector auto-calibration system by Modulo Pi

Achieve a perfectly warped and blended projection within minutes thanks to Modulo Pi’s auto-calibration solution.
Available as an option for the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic series of media servers, the auto-calibration feature allows to automatically align multiple video-projectors on planar, curved, and dome surfaces for a pixel-perfect projection.

Developped by Modulo Pi, the auto-calibration module relies on PoE cameras for fast and simplified cabling.
Use one camera – not included – to capture your whole projection surface, and the auto-calibration module will do the rest. Your Modulo Pi media server will project a series of patterns, and video-projectors will automatically align in a few minutes.
The versatile masking feature included in the module ensures a perfectly fine-tuned projection.

With the auto-calibration option added in your Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media servers, you will benefit from a reliable and significantly simplified workflow. Using our media servers equipped with the auto-calibration option, get a high-precision edge blending, warping, and play your content within minutes, and with zero latency.

More details:
Auto-calibration specification sheet
Auto-calibration tutorial: English | Français

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