You can create any number of QuickSet.
A Quickset is a selection of parameters from a layer than can re-use by a drag&drop on a layer in the Preview or Program(if not locked). it allows you to save the most usefull layer settings to apply them quickly.

Click on the + button to add new QuickSet in your project: a popup dialog box allows you to choose the settings you want to save:

Click on the button to delete a QuickSet.

You can directly lock/unlock a QuickSet to avoid to modify this QuickSet by mistake.

You can duplicate a QuickSet with a right click on a source in the list.

Click on the QuickSet to edit the settings in the editor:

Name: name of your preset
Keywords: Allows you to filter the list of Presets by Keywords
Lock: allows you to lock the preset to avoid any modification
Properties saved: A list of properties store in this QuickSet

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