Choose this device to connect to a Phidgets 4A Stepper STC1003_0
This compact Stepper Phidget gives you control of one bipolar stepper motor from a port on your VINT hub.


Name: User-friendly name
Serial Number: Enter the serial number of the VINT HUB Phidget
Port: Choose the port
Interval ms: Choose the refresh interval in milliseconds
Step mode: Choose between Step mode (target position) or Continuous mode (velocity)
Rescale factor: You can use this factor to change the scale of your unit.
Reset position: Set the current motor position as the zero position.
Engaged : Need to be active to move the motor.
Acceleration/Velocity max/Target position/Power limit Refer to the phidget documentation for more information.

Task action:

Engaged (on/off)
Go to (acceleration/velocity/target position)
Set power limit (value)
Set rescale factor (value)
Set target position (value)
Set acceleration (value)
Set velocity (value)
Set control mode: step mode or continous

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:

You can use the position of the motor as a input value for Digimap.

User interface:


Device information:

Go to this page for more information.
You need to plug this device to a VINT HUB Phidget.

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