Now let’s add some content to the Timeline.

1 00:00:00:00 Pause Pattern Main screen
2 00:00:08:00 Pause Black Main screen
3a 00:00:12:00 Pause Blue loop Loop Main screen
3b 00:00:17:00 Pause Blue loop + Modulo Logo Loop Main screen
4a 00:00:20:00 Pause Jingle 1 Once Main screen
4b 00:00:34:04 Following Jingle 1 Loop Loop Main screen
5a 00:00:40:00 Pause Jingle 2 Once Main screen
5b 00:01:13:18 Following Jingle loop 2 Loop Main screen
6a 00:01:20:00 Pause Jingle 3 Once Main screen
6b 00:01:41:21 Following Jingle loop 3 Loop Main screen

Drag&Drop the three patterns we created into the Timeline.
Position for:

  • Layer pattern VP1+VP2 x=0
  • Layer pattern VP3 x=3456
  • Layer pattern Speaker screen x= 5376

Add a fade in and out on these layers by selecting then double-click on it.
If you prefer to see better what is on your Preview you can turn off the red color applied on your Render Surface.
Then press the Play button, or the Space bar to see your animation of opacity (fade in/out).

Leave a blank between this layer and the next one

  • Add the media Blue loop and check the Loop and Freerun option in the Editor
  • 5 seconds later keep the Blue loop behind and add the Modulo logo scale it at 20% and adjust the position of the logo
  • Add a 2 seconds fade-in/out to the loop and the logo

  • Then add the Jingle 1 with its sound and a fade-in of 2 seconds on both
  • Straight after the Jingle 1 add the media Jingle Loop 1 (no fade)
  • Check the Loop and Freerun case in the Editor

Repeat these steps with the two other Jingles and Jingles loop (don’t forget the soundtrack with each Jingle as well).

Add a Command Layer to add Pauses in the timeline

We need to add pause in order to get ready to launch a video :

  • At the bottom of the timeline click on the button to add a Command layer
  • Place the playback head 2 seconds before the end of the Jingle Loop 1 and click on the Command layer then click in the Editor on the Pause button

At this moment you should have a nice first Timeline.
You can improve it by many ways.
For instance, by keeping the layer bloc of the *soundtracks *a bit longer and Fading-out slowly the sound.

Need more help with this?
Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Thanks for your feedback.