In this topic we will see how to create a Photoshop file in order to use it in the Modulo Kinetic.
To do this we will start from an example of projection on a facade with 2 HD video projectors.

Depending on the methodology used to create images, there are two options for creating the calibration pattern :

  1. from a Global perspective ( public point of view )
  2. from the point of view of each projector ( simulation of the optics of each projector )

In the next example we will examine the case of a global perspective for 2 HD projectors with overlap.
We will first consider that the projectors are in horizontal mode (stacked on top of each other).
Then we wil see how to do it with the projectors in vertical mode (placed one next to the other).

Our project concerns a part of the Orsay museum facade.

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