This panel is divided in two tabs: EDID and Eyefinity tabs.


This tab allows you to remotely force the EDID of the output directly in the graphics card. It works with AMD FirePro/RadeonPro graphics cards only.
EDID forcing allows you to force a resolution and frequency for the output, and to start your computer in the correct resolution when nothing is plugged or not powered (a video projector in standby for example).
Forcing EDID is one of the first step before starting a new project.

You will see the list of all outputs with the name of the EDID if there is something connected.
If the EDID is forced, “FORCED EDID” will be displayed in green next to the output connector.

You can then select the outputs you want to force with an EDID.
Choose an EDID among the list of validated official EDID.
Then choose the correct Mode before applying the EDID:
Single Link: If your resolution is up to 1920×1200@60fps
Dual link: If your resolution is more than 1920×1200@60fps but less than 4K@50fps
4K50-60P: Choose this option when you want to do 4K on a single output (DP or HDMI 2.0).
Once you have chosen, click Force EDID.

Disable Force EDID: This removes forced EDID.
First, select the outputs where you want to deactivate EDID.

It’s possible to save and recall custom EDID.
Go to the user subtab for that.
To save an EDID: Plug a monitor or projector or mixer with the EDID you wantto grab, select the output plugged, and click on “save current EDID”.
You will be prompted to enter a name. The EDID is saved in the media server in the folder Documents/Modulo Player/EDID.
Once it is saved, you can use this EDID like an official EDID.


Eyefinity allows you to create an extended desktop in the AMD graphics card.

Click on “create Eyefinity” to configure extended display.
Select the Outputs, then specify the number of outputs in rows and columns. Click OK.

To verify Eyfinity on the Server via Windows: Go to Windows desktop on the Windows «screen resolution» panel (right click on the Windows desktop).
The displayed resolution has to be an addition of the outputs. If not, repeat the process.

To verify Eyfinity via the remote application: You can check the resolution using the General tab on the main menu of the remote software.
Once AMD is configured, exit Settings and start the Modulo Player application.

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