To warp the 3 shapes independently, we need X-Maps.
Before going foward we need to reset the warping we did on the global output.

What is a X-Map ?

  • Click on the Output
  • Enable X-Map on this Output
  • Add 3 X-Maps, 1 per cube side

Edit the MAP of each X-Map

  • Go to the Warp tab, on the top right you can switch to MAP mode (you see the media you are playing right now)
  • Move the points to the egdges of the shape as precise as possible (you can zoom in the window to achieve that)
  • Repeat these steps for the two other cube sides

Warp each X-Map

  • Once the three X-Maps are ready, click on MAP to switch back to WARP
  • On each X-Map, go to Shape and turn the Curve type to Keystone
  • To see better what we are doing we activate the S(olo) mode on the X-Map
  • Now move the control points to fit the projection on the shape.
  • Repeat it for the two other shapes
  • Disable all the Solo modes

Now you’ve experienced that it is possible to easily and independently warp all the shapes.

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