Version 3.3.12 – April 28, 2020:

Bug fixes:

Import media: Crash after import
Scene 3D: Colorspace correct
Graph: If block issue

Version 3.3.11 – April 21, 2020:


Media: Text / simple text / timecode / web
Graph: Add possibility to setup min and max values of the scope block
Graph: Add block time to string
Graph: Add button fit to screen

Bug fixes:

KineMotion: Compatibility with new OptiTrack cameras (SDK 2.2.0)
KineMotion: If there are less than 3 cameras and user ask for tracking, a popup will appear
Graph: Javascript block save content when mouse move outside the edit area
Graph: On creation of a new graph, go back to top left position
Graph: Selector block fixes
Device: Low level TCP server and client now working
Device: Low level websocket server and client now working
Variable: Save/load crash
General: Encode javascript (bug mixer)
General: “Load last” window does not appear when the top left dock area is empty
UI: UI Designer crash when go back to edit mode
UI: Circle element with invalid feedback
UI: Text editor element:wrong setText feedback
UI: Crash/wrong item when drag/drop output/xmap
UI: Application crash on drop DMXoutput
Codemeter install: No more silent reboot

Watermark on the output less intrusive
Update NDI to 4.5 version
Graph: Copy/paste easier
Graph: New single block for edge detection operation
Graph: Merge logic operation in one block
Graph: Value display aligned text to the left
Graph: Direct edit of vector value in the editor
Graph: Direct edit of RGB value in the editor
Graph: Text block scalable to enter more text
Graph: Add trigger pin on range blocks
Graph: Search now open folder when needed
Scene 3D: Default maximum lux set to 200lx
Scene 3D: Remove unsupported 3D file format
UI: Remove rotation feedback on UI colorselector element
UI: Add feedback on element number
UI: Hide property “antialiasing” on rectangle and trackpad element
UI: Rectangle element, default color is white
UI: Number editor element, increase editor size

Version 3.3.0:

New features:
Official KineMotion tracking add-on
L-Acoustics L-ISA device
2D Auto-calibration option (contact us for more information)
New online documentation
New online tutorials
User Variables
Demo mode version with blinking output to test warping
Rental Modulo Kinetic 3D version
Possibility to flatten a portion of the timeline (rendering)
Encryption option for show and flatten media (contact us for more information)
New mask mode for 3D layer (automatic dynamic 3D blending)
On air button to disable rendering in the Kinetic Designer
Possibility to filter the 3D scene rendering on VNode
Possibility to export a 3D scene with videoprojector beamer
Support for Barco G60 videprojector series

Possibility to replace a still image by a movie or live (or the reverse) in the timeline
Possibility to directly scale a media in the Preview
Possibility to move/reorder camera and projector
Better behavior when scaling in the graph view
Popup no more clipped on right click in timeline
Recursive deletion for media folder
Locate 3D node (open subtree)
3D light reader block (graph)
Color settings for warp point (saved in show)
Updated warp remote application
Updated live mixer application
Possibility to draw a mask in a X-Map
Popup menu when new or load show action to ask if need to save before or stop the action
VNode online without media sync option
NDI version updated to 4.1
New user interface for graph list
Drag & drop a DMX output in the left part of the timeline to create a layer: you can then animate a DMX channel with keyframes

Bug fixes:
Stop upload media when offline of a VNode
Graph links
Upload media issues
Device TCP Client crash in graph
Empty block when drag/drop virtual channel in graph
Drag/drop between 3D animation layer
Locate media (open subtree)
Delete 3D node + reimport
ISF effects
Panasonic AW-He, NDI PTZ et Visca PTZ
Issue with audio sample settings in VNode not set correctly

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