In this exercise we will see how to make a video projection study inside Kinetic Designer using its 3D tools.
To explore these tools we are going to implant video projectors to project inside a cylinder.

Here are the steps we will follow in this exercice :

  • Prepare our new Project
  • Import a 3D fbx model (or create your own cylinder with the given dimensions with prefab model)
  • Add a video projector with its lumens and resolution specifications
  • Organize the 3D environment for a better experience using view Presets
  • Place the projector in the three dimensions
  • Adjust its shift, zoom, orientation parameters
  • Duplicate the projector with a Cloner modifier
  • Apply a material with Render Surface content to the Cylinder
  • Get and export the VP informations as its point of view, the pixel size, luminosity (lux)

What do we need for this project ?

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