You can add the following type of variable:

Type Description
int integer value
float 32 bits floating value
double 64 bits floating value
time timecode value
string ascii string
color RGB color
vector 2D 2 dimensionnal float array
vector 3D 3 dimensionnal float array
vector 4D 4 dimensionnal float array

It’s possible to organize variables in some folders.

Variable editor:

Use the editor to change the color and name of the variable or directly change this in the list.
Use this editor to directly edit the variable value.

Action on a variable in a task:

You can drag&drop a variable in the subtask list of a task.
It’s possible to set the value of the variable, save the current value in a file, or load the current value from a file.

Trig a task with a variable value:

You can trigger a task when a condition on the variable is valid.

You choose the condition:

  • greater than
  • less than
  • greater than or equal to
  • less than or equal to
  • equals
  • range

You choose the value and it’s possible to have an hysteresis value to avoid too much triggering if the value is a jerky.

Trig a digimap with a variable value:

Drag&drop the variable in the trigger field of the digimap.

Use a variable in a graph:

Drag&drop the variable in a graph and choose if you want to use the variable value (READ) or set the variable from the graph (WRITE).

Use a variable in a user interface:

You can control a variable from the user interface: for example you can link a variable to a slider position. You can also link the value of a slider to a variable.

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