Select this device to control your Titan Digital Projection projector.


Name User-friendly name
Enable Activate to enable the device
Run at startup Activate to run the device at Kinetic startup
IP Enter the ip address of your video projector. Your device and Kinetic Designer need to be in the same subnet
Port: Choose port number. Port. 7000 is the default value (usually doesn’t have to be changed

Task action:

Enable device enable the device
Disable device disable the device
Power On send Digital Projection power on command
Power Off send Digital Projection power off command
Shutter On send Digital Projection shutter on command
Shutter Off send Digital Projection shutter off command

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:




User interface:

You can add this device in any user panel. You can then choose the available features in the panel.

Device information:

Go to the manufacturer website for more information.

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