Choose this device to control Analog Way VIO series.


Name User-friendly name
Enable Activate to enable the device
Run at startup Activate to run the device at Kinetic startup
IP Enter the ip address of your device. Your device and Kinetic Designer need to be in the same subnet
Port Choose port number. Port. 10600 is the default value (usually doesn’t have to be changed)

Task action:

Enable device enable the device
Disable device disable the device
Load Preset from Memory load preset index from memory
Set Source set source index
Load View from memory allows to load a previously memorized view to apply on specified input layer
Load View from memory to active input allows to load a previously memorized view to apply on active input layer
Take send a take command
Select Manual Mode this command disables the automatic commutation
Select Auto Apply Mode This command enables the automatic commutation
Reboot this command restarts the device
Wake up this command wakes up the device
Stand by this command puts the device on standby
Power Off this command shuts down and powers off the device

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:




User interface:


Device information:

Go to the manufacturer website for more information.

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