Soft edge blending, projection mapping, and live mixer configuration

Set-up relies on:
1 x Modulo Kinetic Designer
1 x Modulo Kinetic V-Node server with 6 outputs
Live capture cards (option):
- 1 × 12G-SDI or 4 × 3G-SDI
- 2 x HDMI 2.0

Versatile display capabilities:
Multi-projector soft edge blending
Video mapping with 2D and/or 3D warping tools
LED mapping
Powerful image & video playback
Unlimited PIPs with free Live Mixer app
Monitoring & Confidence screens (NDI or HDMI)

Powerful Show Control:
In this example, control of video-projectors and PTZ camera (internal devices library)
Control of lights (Art-Net)
Trigger tasks from Calendar, MIDI, OSC, GPIO, DMX

User-friendly and flexible management:
Timelines for advanced real-time compositing
UI Designer to create custom panels compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices

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