For the moment we added patterns to timeline without wondering about media Filters.
Without media Filters, media are all displayed at the same 0;0 coordinates in the Preview window.

We will see how media Filters can help us to place the content at the right position.

Create media Filters

  • To access to media Filters creation, we need to select a media then in the Editor tab go to Filter
  • Click on New and then rename it NW
  • Check the Default Position case
  • The Default Position for NW media is 0;0 so we don’t need to change these values
  • Add new Filters following this array
FILTER name Default X Default Y V-Nodes “ON” V-Nodes “OFF
NW 0 0 VN01 VN02, VN03
EW 1280 0 VN01 VN02, VN03
SW 3280 0 VN02 VN01, VN03
WW 4560 0 VN02 VN01, VN03
FLOOR 0 2000 VN03 VN01, VN02
SPEAKERSTV 2000 2000 VN03 VN01, VN02

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