As for each new project, we define a new Project Folder and we create our folders.
As we will have .MOP project files, one PNG pattern, and one 3D file we create this tree structure:

  • 01_SHOW will contain the .MOP and project backup files
  • 02_MEDIA will contain the PNG pattern
  • 03_3D as you guess will contain the 3D files meaning the .FBX we will import and Kinetic Designer generated files from the .FBX

Then, we will copy the base media kit we should have downloaded on the summary, in case not here is the link : click here to download.

  • Copy paste these media into the Project Folder
  • Open Kinetic Designer, save your project file into the 01_SHOW subfolder, for instance : Tuto video study v1

  • There is no need to add the .FBX file into the Media tab, let’s go directly to the 3D view
  • Workspace > 3D

We are now good to import the Cylinder model.

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