Choose this device when you want to control a PTZ using the VISCA protocol.


Name User-friendly name
Enable Activate to enable the device
Run at startup Activate to run the device at Kinetic startup
Connections choose between IP and serial

Settings for IP mode:

IP Enter the ip address of your device. Your device and Modulo Player need to be in the same subnet
Port Enter the TCP/IP port
ID ID of the camera

Settings for serial mode:

Port Choose the serial number port
Baudrate Choose the matching baudrate

Task action:

Power On sets the device on
Power Off sets the device off
Recall Preset recall preset index
Recall Memory recall memory index
Save Preset save preset memory index
Move pan/tilt speed sets pan/tilt and speed values
WB auto1 selects WBauto1
WB auto2 selects WBauto2
WB balance indoor selects WB balance indoor
WB balance outdoor selects WB balance outdoor
Exposure auto selects exposure auto mode
Exposure manual selects exposure manual mode
Exposure shutter selects exposure shutter mode
Exposure iris selects exposure iris mode
Zoom tele slow moves zoom tele with slow speed
Zoom tele medium moves zoom tele with medium speed
Zoom tele fast moves zoom tele with fast speed
Stop zoom stops zoom movements
Auto focus ON sets auto focus mode on
Auto focus OFF sets auto focus mode off
Zoom wide slow moves zoom wide with slow speed
Zoom wide medium moves zoom wide with medium speed
Zoom wide fast moves zoom wide with fast speed
Focus tele slow moves focus tele with slow speed
Focus tele medium moves focus tele with medium speed
Focus tele fast moves focus tele with fast speed
Focus wide slow moves focus wide with slow speed
Focus wide medium moves focus wide with medium speed
Focus wide fast moves focus wide with fast speed
Stop focus stops focus movements
Left slow moves left with slow speed
Left medium moves left with medium speed
Left fast moves left with fast speed
Right slow moves right with slow speed
Right medium moves right with medium speed
Right fast moves right with fast speed
Up slow moves up with slow speed
Up medium moves up with medium speed
Up fast moves up with fast speed
Down slow moves down with slow speed
Down medium moves down with medium speed
Down fast moves up down fast speed
Tally OFF sets the tally off
Tally ON sets the tally on
Zoom tele moves zoom tele with specified speed
Zoom wide moves zoom wide with specified speed
Zoom sets zoom value
Focus tele moves focus tele with specified speed
Focus wide moves focus wide with specified speed
Focus sets focus value
Shutter sets shutter value
Iris sets iris value
Gain sets gain value
Exposure comp sets exposure compensation value
Up speed sets up speed value
Down speed sets down speed value
Left speed sets left speed value
Right speed sets right speed value
Up left speed sets up left speed value
Up right speed sets up right speed value
Down left speed sets down left speed value
Down right speed sets down right speed value

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:




User interface:


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