• Go to the Live timeline
  • Drag & drop the media Player1
  • Scale it down and position it on the right part of the main screen
  • Apply a border plus a soft crop

We will now add animation keys to move the position of this layer when we play the timeline :

We want to change the border color while the PiP is changing its position so we add animation keys for the border as well :

How to play this PiP and its position by adding Tasks :


  • PiP Right position : set the Grand Master of the Live timeline at 0 then move the reader head to the PiP Right position then put back the Grand Master to 100.
  • PiP Left position : same mechanic as the previous task
  • PiP moves : will play the timeline so the position will get animated
  • PiP OFF: set the Grand Master of the Live timeline at 0

These Tasks can be directly launched through the Timeline SHOW, just by drag&droping the Tasks into the Command layer.

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