• Select the layer Deltacast in the timeline and in the Editor tab add an Fx > Chromakey

Adjust the green color setting

  • As a Primary color, it is better to choose a mean background color instead of a very light or dark one

Adjust the Luma weight setting.

  • If the deltacast signal is an Uncompressed RGB, we recommend to set the Luma weight to 0%
  • If the signal has a compressed color space such a YUV 4:2:2 or even YUV 4:2:0, then it creates aliasing and the Luma weight need to be set between 50 and 100%

Adjust the settings Threshold and Sharpness settings

  • First of all, let’s check the draw mask option to show the transparency mask
  • Start by lowing down the sharpness as much as possible but not too low

Use despil option to remove green from objects

if there are for example clothes of light colors within the scene, the background color has a tendency to “spill” onto them.
In order to remove this undesired behavior, you may use the despill option.

  • Adjust this settings until it’s set properly as we did before for the transparency mask
  • Choose the intensity of the despill (despill amount). 100% of despill means that the background color is completely removed where the mask is maximum.

Final adjustements with Smooth Masks option

  • If the other parameters are not enough to get a satisfying unaliased mask, you can use the smooth masks option

Everything in a green should turn transparent and we should see behind the content of the 3D Camera_AR.

  • Move the Pan, Tilt, Zoom of the real camera to see how well your 3D Camera is set compared to the real camera live feed.

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