Camera calibration will place the Panasonic camera in our 3D Scene at its right position.

Use an objet to calibrate the camera position and define the 0,0,0 position

To realize the camera calibration, you will need a simple geometric shape object which you know the precise dimensions.
In this tutorial, we used a 30×30×30 cm cube that we place around the middle of our green screen.

Define a V-Node Reference and make it Online

If you try to operate the Find pose right now you may have this warning pop-up.

  • Go to Project > Project settings… and define your V-Node with Deltacast input in the field Reference V-Node
  • Open the V-Nodes tab on check that the V-Node is ONLINE

Open the 3D Viewer in background

In order to see the before/after the camera calibration, we recommend to keep the 3D VIewer opened in background.

Set the ground coordinates

  • Select your Camera AR FreeD device and click on Find pose in the General tab
  • In Camera input field select Deltacast
  • Click on to add a calibration point.
  • With the mouse, move the point in the display window and place it on a vertex of the cube.

  • Fill in the x,y,z coordinates of this point (according to your cube/element dimensions)
  • Repeat these actions to obtain at least 6 calibration points.

Operate the calibration

  • Click on Find pose .
  • The camera positions should now be properly calibrated and can be check in the 3D Viewer

  • Use the Pan, tilt and zoom of the camera, the Camera_AR should move un 3D as your real camera

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