Camera calibration consists of finding the position of the camera in the 3D scene in relation to the position of the real camera.
To realise the camera calibration you will need a simple geometric shape object which you know the dimensions( in this tutorial, we used a 30×30×30 cm cube).

  • Place the object in your studio and move the Panasonic AW-UE 150 to center and focus on it.

  • Then select your Camera AR FreeD device and click on Find pose in the General tab

  • In Camera input field select Deltacast

  • Click on to add a calibration point.
  • With the mouse, move the point in the display window and place it on a vertex of the cube.
  • Fill in the x,y,z coordinates of this point.

  • Repeat these actions to obtain at least 6 calibration points.
  • Click on Find pose .
  • Now your camera in your 3d Scene is calibrated and follow the Panasonic AW-UE 150 Pan, tilt and zoom.

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