Choose this device to control a V-Node server to start/stop application or shutdown your computer.


Name User-friendly name
Enable Activate to enable the device
IP Enter the ip address of your device. Your device and Modulo Kinetic need to be in the same subnet
Mac Specify the MAC address only if you want to use the « Wake Up On Lan » action

Task action:

Enable device enable the device
Disable device disable the device
Start Modulo Start the Modulo Player application
Stop Modulo Stop the Modulo Player application
Reboot server Reboot the computer
Halt server Shutdown the computer
Wake Up on Lan start the computer remotely
Set Cache Folder change V-Node cache folder

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:


User interface:

You can add this device in any user panel.
You can then choose the available features in the panel.

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