You can find the distance between the projector lens and its projection surface by adjusting the FAR parameter on the projector.

But to export a visible distance we will use the Dimension tool.

Use the Annotation and Dimension tools

  • Using the Dimension tool, measure the distance between the video projectors and the walls
  • Using the Annotation tool, add on every projector its name with a text label

  • Click on the Camera button and export a view with Annotations informations and name it “VP – Labels
  • Uncheck the Annotations case and case check Dimensions, name this export “VP – Height

Export Luminosity informations

  • Set the view mode to Luminosity
  • In the Editor tab, find the good lux range and note it
  • Click on the Camera button and set the Luminosty mode and enter the lux range value you just noted
  • Click on Render and name it “VP – Lux informations”

Export the 3D with the VP setting-up

  • Click on the … button near the name of your scene on the top and then click on Export scene
  • Go to the Projector tab and select all the projectors
  • Note that you can as well export a CSV that includes all the 3D positions/rotations of the projectors

Feel free to add as many informations and point of view as you want and export it to different export files. You could for instance add an annotation with the lens throw ratio beside each projector, or even the width/height of its picture size.

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