The pre study tells us a number of projectors that we need to implement in the 3D:

Surface Quantity Lumens Resolution Throw ratio Lux Distance from surface Height from ground
North Wall 1 C2 1280×800 empty empty empty empty
East Wall 2 C3 1280×800 empty empty empty empty
South Wall 1 C4 1280×800 empty empty empty empty
West Wall 2 C4 1280×800 empty empty empty empty
Floor 2 C4 1280×800 empty empty empty empty

We will fill the empty sections when we will have done the video projection study.

Add a video projector and use the VP Database

  • In the 3D Scene tab click on then Projector
  • We start with the projectors for the West wall
  • Using the Move tool, move the projector into a position that looks correct to you
  • Click on the Projector, then in the Editor tab check the Database box and select the projector Barco PGWX-61B
  • Adjust the lens choice, the Throw ratio, and the shift value

Use the Cloner functionnality

  • Then to save time, we can add a Cloner node modifier
  • Drag & drop the projector into it to duplicate this projector by indicating the distance between the two projectors
  • Set the Grid X to 2

Use the Symmetry functionnality

  • Add a Symmetry modifier
  • Select it and in the Editor tab set the Symmetry axis to Z
  • Drag & drop the cloner into the Symmetry modifier
  • You can adjust the vp position/orientation and the Cloner Grid Spacing X

Add the projectors for NorthWall and SouthWall

  • To save time, you can copy/paste the existing Projector and move it in the Hierarchy out of the cloner and symmetry modifiers
  • Adjust its position in the 3D and adjust its Throw ratio

Use symmetry then bake the projectors (no more instances)

  • You can add it into a Symmetry modifier to save time
  • When you are ok with the Projectors positions/orientation, right click on the Symmetry node and Bake

  • You should now have all the Projectors, rename them following this array

From left to right:

  • VP11_NW
  • VP21_EW
  • VP22_EW
  • VP31_SW
  • VP41_WW
  • VP42_WW
  • VP51_FLOOR
  • VP52_FLOOR
  • VP53_FLOOR

Using the same cloner method, add the three projectors for the floor.

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