Choose this device to control a PTZ camera with the NDI protocol.


Name User-friendly name
Enable Activate to enable the device
Run at startup Activate to run the device at Kinetic startup
Source choose the NDI PTZ source from the list

A user interface allows you to direclty control your PTZ from this page.

Task action:

Power On sets the device on
Power Off sets the device off
Go home pan/tilt sets the device at its home value
Save Preset save preset index
Recall Preset recall preset index
Stop pan/tilt stops pan/tilt movements
Move left slow moves to left with slow speed
Move left medium moves to left with medium speed
Move left fast moves to left with fast speed
Move left speed moves to left with specified speed
Move right slow moves to right with slow speed
Move right medium moves to right with medium speed
Move right fast moves to right with fast speed
Move right speed moves to right with specified speed
Move up slow moves up with slow speed
Move up medium moves up with medium speed
Move up fast moves up with fast speed
Move up speed moves up with specified speed
Move down slow moves down with slow speed
Move down medium moves down with medium speed
Move down fast moves up down fast speed
Move down speed moves down with specified speed
Move zoom tele slow moves zoom tele with slow speed
Move zoom tele medium moves zoom tele with medium speed
Move zoom tele fast moves up zoom tele fast speed
Move zoom tele speed moves zoom tele with specified speed
Move zoom wide slow moves zoom wide with slow speed
Move zoom wide medium moves zoom wide with medium speed
Move zoom wide fast moves up zoom wide fast speed
Move zoom wide speed moves zoom wide with specified speed
Stop move zoom stops zoom movements
Go home zoom sets the device at its home zoom value
Tally OFF sets the tally off
Tally ON sets the tally on

Task trigger:


Digimap trigger:




User interface:


Device information:

Go to the manufacturer website for more information.

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